Choose the TV for your framed mirror TV

Samsung and LG TV

We are currently offering TVs for the Samsung series 7 range and the LG SM8600 range.

Samsung Series 7

The current visions on offer are the RU7100, RU7400 and the Q70R.

For more information about the Series 7 look here.

We are going to be adding more to this range early in the new year but if you have one in mind just let us know here.

LG SM8600

For more information about the LG SM8600 look here.


We are using LG TL520s in our Full Length Mirrors

For more Information on the TL520S look here.

TV Size

We are offering 24″ and 28″ in our full length Port-rate mirrors. (LG only)

The sizes currently available are 43″, 50″, 55″ and 65″ for the Landscape mirrors.

Richer Sounds

All our TVs are supplied by UK-based, employee-owned ethical business, Richer Sounds, and come with 6-year guarantee.

We sell all our TVs at the RRP from Richer Sounds. But by letting us buy the the TV on your behalf. It takes a way the hassle for you and we get the TVs straight into our “Goods In” process. Which is also better for us!