Samsung The Frame Hangover Frame Bezels

Samsung The Frame Customisable Bezels

All our Samsung The Frame Customisable Bezels are real wood and handmade by us, to perfectly fit your TV. Please view our frame styles below and place your order from the shop.

Frame widths;

Slim Walnut – 42mm

Slim Cushion – 44mm

Venice – 48mm

Angled – 50mm

Slim Ornate – 50mm

Dome – 63mm

Traditional – 65mm

Cushion – 68mm

We are able to offer wider frames, but these will cover the remote sensor and you will need to use the Smart (bluetooth) remote control.  Contact us for a bespoke frame option.

If you would like to order a frame sample before purchase, please follow this link [Order a frame sample].

Bespoke Frame

If you don’t see a frame you like, please let us know and we’ll look for something to suit your decor.

6 thoughts on “Samsung The Frame Customisable Bezels

  1. Can any of your frames be painted?

    1. Hi Carole – we can paint some of the frames. Just give us a call so we can have a chat about it. Cheers Matt

  2. Hi,

    How much is a hangover in ornate gold for a 55” Samsung frame please?

    And how long would it take?

    1. Hi Robert the price is £360. Here is the link


  3. Hi I have just brought a Samsung 55 frame. I was looking for a black ornate frame width about 65 mm do you do those if so what would the price be?

    1. Hi Scott – If you look at this link to the shop you can see all the frames that are available – just select the one you want and put in the size and it will give you the price.

      Kind Regards Matt

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