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Mirror TVs Direct from the Manufacturer

We have been providing Mirror TVs Direct from the Manufacturer since 2006. So you can buy with confidence.

How it works

Follow our 3 simple steps and build your own mirror tv that will match your home perfectly.

[1] Choose the size and model of the TV – We only fit new high end Samsung TVs.

[2] Choose the style and colour of the Frame

[3] Place your order for your Mirror TV

For more info on each step keep reading.

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Step 1 – Choose the size and model of the TV

TV Size

We are currently supplying 5 main sizes of TV for the wall mounted TVs. These are 32″, 43″, 50″, 55″, 65″ and 75″.

If you want a full length Mirror the TVs come in 32″ or our Amazing “GYM Mirror TV” which comes with a 43″ Samsung Q90 model.

Work out the size you want frame sizes

TV Model

For the wall mounted TVs we are using the Samsung Q60 and the Samsung Flagship Q90 and Q95 and the “Samsung Frame”

All these TVs come with “Ambient Mode” so you can have it as “Art Work” or a Mirror when not in use as a TV.

For more information about our TVs please look at our TV Info Page.

Step 2 – Choose the style and colour of the Frame

Frame Examples.

Frame Style and Colour (frames update 01/10/2020)

The frames are made to measure and currently come in several styles including Classic, Crosshatch, Edge, Flat, Modern, Ornate and Spoon. For the full list please take a look at our Frame Gallery.

Depending on the style of frame you choose, they come in several different colours. These include Gold, Silver, White, Black, Gun Metal, Walnut, Blue Distressed or Antique Silver. But again, for the full list see our frame gallery.

Frame Gallery

Take a look at our frames gallery to get an idea of how you can make the Mirror TV match your home, and if you don’t see something that takes your fancy, just give us a call and we will be able to help you find something, even if it means us painting a frame to your exact specification.

You can see are frames Our Frames

Step 3 – Place your order for your Mirror TV

“The only thing we don’t hide is the price!”

With our simple process there is no need to get a quote. You can see the price for your mirror TV on screen and you can change the options to suit your budget or style.

Place your order and we will ship it to you normally within 20 working days. Delivered by our own specialist handler team, making sure your Framed Mirror TV arrives in perfect condition.

And as an extra free service we can take away any transportation packaging if you require!

Customer Reviews

We love our customer sending in reviews and photos if you want you can check them out on our reviews page here

or with photos and more details on our blog here

“I looked at quite a few providers of mirror TVs and TV IN disguise looked the best value while still offering a quality product.

We have not been disappointed. Many companies seem to use the mirror TV as an excuse to charge a big premium whereas this company provide it at a realistic price. The TV looks great and the picture / mirror functions just as we had hoped.

We wanted to create a formal lounge and it fits in perfectly. The quality of service is excellent too from the guys that delivered the TV ( thank you Johnny and Mark) to the owner /manager (Debbie) .

Do not go elsewhere for a mirror TV.”

Alistair and Dawn Mitchell

Bespoke Mirror TVs Direct from the Manufacturer

We also offer a Bespoke service. So if you need a specific size of mirror to fit a gap or need us to help you find a frame that’s not listed on our site. Just give us a ring and we will be please to help.

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  1. Hi I live in Italy (Rome) I am looking for a 65 or 75 inchiestò freme mirror tv can you supply your frame mirror tv for me here in Rome without any problem of shipping, taxes, etc. ?

    1. Hi We can ship to Italy. I will contact you directly with more information. Kind Regards TVINdisguise.

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