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Q. What’s the warranty on your Mirror TVs?

A. We supply a 5 year warranty. Please keep a copy of your invoice/receipt in a safe place.

Q. How will I receive my mirror TV?

A. We deliver your Mirror TV, using our own delivery team, as the units are fragile.

Q. Will you be fitting my Mirror TV?

A. We ONLY delivery the Mirror TVs. We are not qualified to install TVs, but recommend that you find a local CAI Approved Installer.

Q. Does the TV come with a wall bracket?

A. Yes, we supply a flat wall bracket with our Mirror TVs, which allows the unit to sit as flat to the wall as possible. If you require a tilt & swivel bracket for your TV please visit our Accessories Page.

Q. Why are your prices so competitive?

A. We are a small family run firm. We make every product individual, so when you buy direct from us, you are effectively buying from a “factory Shop”. We don’t need to add an extra 40%-60% markup to the price.

Q. Is the mirror as bright as a normal mirror?

A. The mirror on our Mirror TVs is darker then a normal mirror.

Q. Can the mirror on your TVs be used as a make up mirror?

A. No. The primary use of our Framed/Frameless Mirror TVs is as a TV and not a mirror.

Q. Can I have a sample of the mirror glass?

A. Yes, please visit our Samples Store.

Q. Can I see a sample(s) of the frames?

A. Yes, please visit our Samples Store.

Q. When will I receive my TV if I order today?

A. Our lead-time is generally 3-4 weeks, but we will send it out asap.

Q. What is the overall dimensions with the TV and Frame?

A. As a rule of thumb just add 5″ to the size of the TV i.e 55″ TV is 60″ with a frame. For exact sizes give us a ring.

Q. Do you ship outside of Mainland UK?

A. We use our own delivery team, as our Mirror TVs are fragile, so unfortunately we cannot supply outside of UK Mainland. However, we can offer a Framed mirror kit, that can be shipped abroad.

Q. Can you add a framed mirror to my TV?

A. We are SOMETIMES able to do this. But you will need to give us a ring.

Q. Can I fit one of your mirror TVs in a conservatory?

A. We would not recommend that our Mirror TVs are installed in very bright rooms, like a conservatory or opposite a window, as the reflection will spoil your viewing. However a Samsung Frame TV with one of our frames will work ok.

Q. Just unpacked my Mirror TV and noticed some damage. What do I do?

A. Please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Q. My TV seems to have developed a fault. What should I do?

A. Please email us with your order number, contact details and a description of the fault and we will reply with instructions.

Q. TV Troubleshooting:

Samsung TVs –

Sony TVs –

Panasonic –

4 thoughts on “frequently asked questions

  1. Hello,
    we live in Germany an are interested in a framed mirror kit, that can be shipped abroad to us. And we would like to integrate a 43 inch samsung qe 43qn 90 into the frame here in Wiesbaden by an expert. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Hermann – Thanks for the question – yes we can. I sent you an email. Kind Regards

  2. Good afternoon. I’m interested in a clip on frame. Do these frames block the Samsung Frame TV movement sensor which turns the screen on and off?
    Thank you.

    1. Some of the frames will cover it – however if you disable the function the picture will stay on in standby mode and can be turned off when not required.

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