BYO Mirror TV in a frame or frameless from £874.

Framed Miror TV By TV IN disguise
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A quick guide to our “Build Your Own” Mirror TV


Follow our 3 simple steps and build your own mirror tv that will match your home perfectly.

Step 1 – Choose the size and model of the TV

TV Size

We are currently supplying 4 sizes of TV for the wall mounted TVs. These are 43″, 50″ (may be 49″ depending on TV Model) 55″ and 65″.

If you want a full length Mirror the TVs come in 24″ or 28″.

TV Model

For the wall mounted TVs we are using the RU7100, RU7400 and the Q70R from Samsung and the SM8600 from LG. In our Full Length Mirrors we are using the LG TL520s.

For more information about our TVs look here.

All our TVs are supplied by UK-based, employee-owned ethical business, Richer Sounds, and come with a 6-year guarantee.

TV Price Table

TV Model / Size43″50″55″65″
LG SM8600N/A£579£699£949

Prices as of 01/01/2020 – these may be subject to change.

Step 2 – Choose the style and colour of the Frame

This is an Edge frame in Gun Metal.

Frame Style and Colour

The frames are made to measure and currently come in several styles including Classic, Crosshatch, Edge, Flat, Modern, Ornate and Spoon. For the full list take a look at the Frame Gallery.

Depending on the style of frame you choose they come in several different colours. Including these Gold and Silver, White and Black, Gun Metal and Walnut, Blue Distressed or Antique Silver. But again for the full list take a look the gallery.

Frame Gallery

For more information about our frames take a look at our frame gallery here

Frame Price Table

We have 4 Ranges Straw Hat, Flat Cap, Top Hat and Crown.

The price of the frame changes depending on the range you choose.

Size / RangeStraw HatFlat CapTop HatCrown
43 Inch£649.99£749.99£849.99£949.99
50 Inch£749.99£849.99£949.99£1049.99
55 Inch£799.99£949.99£1049.99£1149.99
65 Inch£899.99£1049.99£1199.99£1299.99

Prices as of 01/01/2020 – these may be subject to change.

Step 3 – Place your order for your Mirror TV

With our BYO process there is no need to get a quote. You can see the price for your mirror TV on screen and you can change the options to suit your budget or style.

Place the the order and we will ship it to you in 10 working days. Delivered by our specialist shipping handler HRG. Making sure your Framed Mirror TV arrives in perfect condition.

Infographic for BYO Mirror tv

2 thoughts on “BYO Mirror TV in a frame or frameless from £874.

  1. Hello

    Are you mirrors suitable for use in the bathroom?

    1. Hi Jacqui,

      Many thanks for your enquiry.

      Under the brand TechVision, we manufacture smaller TVs for the bathroom. They are 17, 24 & 27 inch, which can be placed behind mirrors.

      If you’re looking for a bigger TV, then we offer 32″ & 43″ Sony TVs. These are supplied with a back box, so that the TV can be set into the wall and the mirror sealed.

      If you can let me know what you’re looking for, we can provide a quote.

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