Overmantel and Carved Swept Framed Mirror TVs now available

Overmantel Frames

We’re pleased to announce that we now offer Overmantel Framed Mirror TVs in two beautiful styles and 5 classic colours – Gold, Black, Silver, White and Cream (see examples below).

Carved Swept Frames

As well as the Overmantel option, we also now offer Carved Swept Framed Mirror TVs in 4 classic colours – Gold, Black, Silver and Cream (see examples below).

40 inch Panasonic

The Overmantel and Carved Swept frames are both fitted with a 40 inch Panasonic (TX40GX800B) 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV Freeview Play, to give a high quality viewing experience, that looks stunning.

For more information about the TV have a look here.


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