TubTainment – Sound and Vision in your Bathroom

New Product Range for TVINdisguise and TechVison Introducing TubTainment.

TubTainment Relaxing in the bath with sound and vision

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new range of products to our shop.

By combining our new Bathroom Mirror TV’s with a Bath Sound System we have created TubTainment.

TubTainment – Vision

We have taken a Sony Smart TV, built a housing for it and fixed it behind a mirror, such that the TV can be made water-tight. So by simply connecting the TV to your Home WiFi, you can now stream all your favourite TV programmes or movies, whilst taking a relaxing bath.

Sony Smart TVs

Sony TV behind a Mirror

For TubTainment these come in 2 sizes and models. They are the

32 inch Sony BRAVIA KDL32WD751 Smart LED TV 1080p HD

and the

43 inch Sony BRAVIA KD43XG7003BU 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV

For more information on our TubTaiment TVs have a look at our Info pages here:

32 inch Sony BRAVIA KDL32WD751 and 43 inch Sony BRAVIA KD43XG7003BU

TubTainment Sound

But the experience does not stop there! The system also comes with 2 transducers that fit onto your bath. Turning your bath into a speaker.

Don’t just hear the music, but feel it too.  Transforms any bath into a bluetooth speaker, for a truly immersive experience.

TubTainment Sound Transducers and Housing

This works by transferring vibration energy, through your bath tub and converting the vibrations into sound waves.  This effect means that you not only hear the music, but you feel the vibrations too.  The experience has been described as that of being at a live concert.

TubTaiment Sound Wave Diagram

But if that’s still not enough, the system can also be fitted with a ceiling speaker if required.

The sound and the vision can all be controlled with the water proof remote we supply with the System.

Bathroom Mirror TV

So if you are interested, just head over to the shop to see all the options for your TubTaiment Sound and Vision package.

Standalone – TubTaiment Sound

TubTaiment Sound is also available as a standalone product and can be fitted to baths in just minutes.

It’s quick and easy to install, there’s no drilling of the bath required and once the bath panel has been fitted, you won’t even know it’s there. Simply take your Bluetooth-enabled device, i.e., smartphone or tablet and pair up with the system, before lying back and listening in amazement at how your bath is transformed into a giant speaker.

TubTaiment Sound Plus+

We also have Tubtaiment Sound Plus+ ideal for fitting to your decking outside. So you can fire up the BBQ and then use your phone to play all your favourite summer tunes.

Or, be even more creative and fit it to the headboard in your bedroom. Then combine with one of our Framed Mirror TVs, for a truly indulgent experience.


If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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